divorce & family

Within the area of ‘Family Law,’ I provide legal advice, representation and services for those lawsuits that take place in District Court, including Divorce, Legal Separation, Annulment, Paternity, Custody, Child and Spousal Support, and also Modifications. A lawsuit starts when the Plaintiff files a Complaint that is served upon the Defendant. Lawsuits may be simple or complex. In a simple lawsuit, every issue is resolved using a negotiated agreement or agreements. A complex lawsuit has at least one issue that cannot be resolved by agreement, so there must be a trial.

While I am a Family Law attorney, I do not attempt to practice in every area of law that touches on the family. ‘Family Law’ is a broad and vague, catch-all term that encompasses many areas of law. Like many attorneys, I do not provide every legal service a family may need. For example, I do not provide legal help to start a family business, or legal help settling an estate.

I will point out that even ‘custody’ is a somewhat broad and vague, catch-all term. When the State has taken custody of a child, ‘Custody’ proceedings take place in Juvenile Court. I do not practice in Juvenile Court or intercede with Child Protective Services or the Public Schools. When a  Guardian has been granted custody of a child or person,  the proceedings may take place either in County Court or Juvenile Court.  I do not practice in the area of Guardianships. I also do not practice in the area of Adoption. These are just additional examples of specialized areas of family law that are outside my practice areas.